We love this lovely christmas decoration from Etsy with our SNUG.DECO BALLS! Have a look in our etsy shop!


SNUG.MAGNETS as Editor´s Best // dwell magazine

Such a pleasure to be choosen as Editor´s Best for dwell magazine with our MAGNETS.


Interview mit connox!!

Have a look at our interview with connox! Thank you!!


SNUG.VASE // German Design Award - Winner 2016

We are so happy about this very good news, which arrived us in the End of October!!
Our SNUG.VASE cardboard vase in 3 colours and two sizes is Winner of the German Design Award 2016!! 

Have a closer look at the Statement of the Jury!

To celebrate this very special success with you, we offer you different sets of our SNUG.VASES for a better price in our SNUG.SHOP! Have a look! But that isn´t all!!

From the 5th - 6th of November 2015 win a set of one vase high white and one vase low grey! To participate just  like the photo and follow us on Instagram. The winner will be chosen early next week.


Studio Snowpuppe

We are very happy about meeting Studio Snowpuppe. We talked about our studio life and learned from each other! Over that we changed out some of our products! So have a look at our lovely snowpuppe light we hanged up in our eating room in the studio. Some days ago we made a giveaway together! A SNUG.VASEin white and a white KROONUPPE. Have a look of the lovely photo, we published on Instagram. And our lucky winner is @roosmarijnknijnenburg


SNUG.ABC tea towel

This is a nice photo of our new SNUG.ABC tea towel! Have a look in our Webshop for more images.

SNUG.STUDIO some products

1. SNUG.VASE cardboard vase  2.SNUG.TOYBLOCKS calendar  3.SNUG.DECOBALLS stone (new)  4. SNUG.ABC teatowel (new) 5. SNUG.TRIO geometric pendants (you see one of three) 6. SNUG.CROSS candleholder. Find all items in our Webshop!

WIN!! Studio Snowpuppe & SNUG.STUDIO

Together with Studio Snowpuppe we are giving away a FIY (Fold it yourself) package:
a SNUG.VASE low white and a white KROONUPPE.
To participate, just follow us on Instagram and like the photo: SNUG.STUDIO & SNOWPUPPE. The giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will be announced on Thursday 22th of October 2015.

Image made by Collected by Ginger.


Collégien & SNUG.STUDIO Collaboration

Let´s introduce you our newest collaboration! Collégien & SNUG.STUDIO

Playing with the shapes and colours of our SNUG.MAGNETS, we created these two patterns in pink and blue.

As soft as a sock and as comfortable as a slipper these Collégien and SNUG.STUDIO slippers will keep your toes warm and cozy. With perforated breathable soles, non-slip spikes and extra soft soles (phthalate-free) for maximum comfort. With each pair of shoes you get one of this nice bags. Have a look in our Shop for more info!

Wir möchten Euch unsere neueste Zusammenarbeit vorstellen!  Die Collégien / SNUG.STUDIO 
Nachdem wir mit den Formen und Farben unserer SNUG.MAGNETS gespielt haben, entstanden diese beiden Muster in pink und blau.
Die Hausschuhe für Kinder und Erwachsene sind angenehm weich wie Socken und gemütlich wie Hausschuhe. Mit atmungsaktiver und rutschfester Sohle (ohne Phtalate) bieten sie höchsten Tragekomfort. Jedes Paar Schuhe werden mit einem dieser Beutel geliefert! Mehr Infos in unserem Shop!



Our new DIY / SNUG.DECO BALLS /STONE are out now! Shop here!

SNUG.ABC tea towel

SNUG.ABC tea towel is out now!! Have a look in our shop!


decor8 at SNUG.STUDIO

Dear Holly from decor8 visited us in our Studio yesterday! Have a look at her lovely report about our SNUG.STUDIO and her amazing photos she made! She shows some of our news, we worked on in the last time! So look at our first collaboration with collégien - a traditional french company for stockings and slippers (2nd photo :) ... but more about it next week!



SNUG.ABC tea towel // for everybody who loves our ABC print


Morning Rituals with SNUG.STUDIO

Some time ago I get connected with Suus from the very inspiring and beautiful foodblog Food Bandits from the Netherlands, which she leads together with Johann. We decided to make one of their famous Morning Rituals tours together! So this morning just after my sunday breakfast on my balcony in the fresh late summer sun I saw the publishing! Have a look at their Blog for more photos, an breakfast interview with me and a small recipe I added :) Best, Kerstin



SNUG.BEARS art prints // polar bear, panda and koala // set of 3 prints // have also a lookin our shop //


New** SNUG.COLUMN wall calendar 2016

SNUG.COLUMN wall calendar 2016 //monthly columns // each correspond to the period of a month // reduced to the basics // enough space to add all of your daily appointments // available in dove blue and terracotta // have a closer look in our shop //


SNUG.VERTICAL calendar 2016

SNUG.VERTICAL wallcalendar 2016 is out now!! Have a look in our shop // the new SNUG.TOYBLOCKS are also available!!

Lovely Photos from SNUG.GROW

Thank you very much, dear Emilie from petit-em for taking this very lovely photos with our SNUG.GROW growth chart in your home!! 


Selling off SNUG.BROOCHES!!

Get our BIRD, FLOWER and BLOWBALL for 50 % now!! While stocks last :) Have a look in our shop!


SNUG.TRIO wooden pendants

SNUG.TRIO wooden pendants used as mobile! Photo: VOLTA